Casey Cotten

Casey Cotten is not your average realtor. He really has an eye for the potential in any property that you wish to buy or sell. Working with Casey, you will find someone with a positive attitude who will really listen to your wants and needs, negotiate to get you the most for your money, and help you see the unrealized future for you and your new or old home.

Casey’s outgoing personality will make you feel comfortable when exploring new opportunities in the real estate market and also be a huge asset when working with buyers, sellers, and other realtors.

Casey was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX and has extensive knowledge about the places to be in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. So if you are looking for assistance in finding the best location for you and your family, Casey is the man to help you find it.

Casey, his wife Mandy, and daughter Rylie, recently built their own home after finishing up remodeling and selling an older home. So he can definitely help you navigate ways to update an older home and/or assist in decisions for finding a property to build a new home.

So, if you are ready to start your search and/or sell your existing home to set out on new adventures, contact Casey Cotten. You will surely not be disappointed in the individualized service he will provide to you in one of the most exciting decisions you get to make in life…where to make a home.

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